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Seasonal Selections

Colonial Old Ale

Nation builders and beer brewers, united by the pint glass! The founders of our great country inspire our latest release, the Colonial Old Ale. Gathered together by candlelight, bold thinkers and policy makers created the building blocks of a nation in its infancy – all while enjoying their old ale. In tribute to those Founding Fathers, we present our Colonial Old Ale, brewed with molasses and spruce tips, the same ingredients used nearly 250 years ago.

Litmus Pils

The litmus test of a brewer’s craft is how well he or she makes a light lager that is absent the heavy flavors and colors that can mask imperfections. We are proud to offer Litmus Pils to highlight our Brewmaster’s artistry. Pleasing to just about everyone’s palate, Litmus Pils is made for partaking with friends and neighbors. Whether sharing a growler with your buddies after softball or having a few pints at the 19th hole, Litmus Pils aces the test on quenching your thirst.

4.8% ABV, 13 IBUs

Mocha Porter - winter seasonal

Soothing to the soul, this robust porter is made with roasted barley, smoky and dark chocolate malts, plus earthy hops. A blend of chocolate and coffee boosts the flavor beyond earthly confines. Shared with a friend, Mocha Porter heats the night of winter’s chilly bite.

6.4% ABV, 24 IBUs

Warming Hut Rum Brown Ale - winter seasonal

Evoking memories of ice-skating rinks and snowball fights, ENKI® Warming Hut Brown Ale is complex, offering a warming chill, by no coincidence. Brisk upon pouring, the malty, boozy character of this dark brown beer radiates as it lingers on your palate. Dry Scottish Ale yeast complements the rum and piney hop notes. Initially concealed by robust malty flavor, the warmth of 8.5% ABV is leisurely revealed during the lasting finish.

8.5% ABV, 27 IBUs

Hootenanny Hefe Weiss - spring/summer seasonal

The spring/summer seasonal from ENKI, is sure to put you in the summertime mood. The classic German yeast strain provides aromas of banana, clove, and spice, while the wheat-heavy malt bill creates a chewy, rich mouth feel and crisp finish. It pours unfiltered and brilliant orange in color with whipped cream-like lacing. Whether you’re golfing, fishing, or just grilling out, Hootenanny Hefe is the perfect pint to enjoy during your favorite summer pastimes.

6.0 ABV, 6 IBUS