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Auburn Kolsch

Jumpin' Pumpkin

Ceili Irish Red


II Anno ENKI- Belgian Strong Ale

Enki Fest

Relevance Session IPA

Big on IBUs and Citra hop, easy on ABV, Relevance Session IPA is a one time release in the tap room and available at a limited number of our local bars and restaurants. Where will you discover Relevance? 5.2% ABV, 99 IBUs

III Anno ENKI - Triple IPA, one time brew

ENKI's 4rd Anniversary beer! Aggressively hopped for an abundant bitterness that creates a boozy, lengthy finish. With some slight fruity after tones to wake up your taste buds! Small batch of beer, get it while you can! 10.5% ABV, 101 IBUs

Westside Brewers Collective Barleywine Ale by Enki

WSBC Barleywine Ale represents a true partnership, crafted using ingredients favored by representatives of each of the eight brewers in the West Side Brewers Collective.This American Barelywine is dry hopped with classic American Chinook and Cascade hops, which provide a piney, spicy and citrus aroma, somewhat similar to pine sap. The flavor is of dark caramel, toffee and earthy spices with an assertive hop flavor and bitterness that blends well with the huge malt backbone and big ABV, which will leave you with a healthy warmth. The beer is full bodied and chewy with a velvety, luscious texture. Dependent on the brewery's clarification methods, the beer ranges from brilliant to a tad hazy, but consistently is deep amber in color and moderate carbonation leaving a light tan to copper head. 7.0 ABV, 99 IBUS



Our passion for ancient tradition shines through in making sure the Grodziskie style is never forgotten. Spreading across central Europe, this style gained popularity in modern day Poland and Northern Germany. Enjoy a subtle, smoky aroma that teases the nose upon first raise of the glass, while the tongue is tickled by a wave a bubbles with refreshing apple notes and a wheat back. 2.7 ABV, 15 IBUS

Winnie the Brew

A light golden ale with notes of sweet honey and a crisp refreshing aftertaste. 5.9 ABV, 12IBUS